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Engineering Services

Program Management/Senior Advisement/Review Board Support

Vivace’s senior management and program managers are some of the most experienced in the industry with respect to large program management and integration.  We’ve helped major aerospace suppliers with management of their internal teams and external suppliers, their program planning and scheduling, optimization of resources, and implementing successful cost and schedule accountability throughout their organizations.

Space System Configuration/Development

Vivace’s engineering and technical team have provided configuration and concept development services for launch vehicles and both unmanned and manned spacecraft. This service includes optimization of configurations for performance maximization while minimizing cost and risk.

We’ve provided these services in the areas of medium- and heavy-lift booster development, propulsion system configuration, human factors assessments and modeling, internal systems packaging, crew and cargo configurations, and more.

Space System Design and Analysis Support

Vivace’s Technical Operations Group includes exceptionally experienced management and engineering resources focused on the design and analysis of complex manned and unmanned space systems.

This experience includes system-level design and analysis of complex systems for manned spaceflight, and structural design and analysis of crewed and habitable spacecraft systems. Vivace’s team has also performed system-level launch vehicle design, analysis, and subsystem-level dynamics, thermal analysis, and thermal protection/insulation systems design.

Systems Engineering/Requirements Management

Vivace’s Systems Engineering Group is a versatile group, and has worked programs ranging from small, commercial start-ups, to full industrial scale programs involving large domestic companies, NASA, ESA, and European space companies. Both the experience and the tools are available to move through the entire systems engineering process rapidly, starting with definition of Concept of Operations (CONOPS), requirements allocation and decomposition, verification and validation planning, requirements closures, and full verification of complex systems for flight.

When NASA elected to partner with commercial companies to develop visiting vehicles to deliver cargo to the International Space Station through the Commercial Orbital Transportation Systems (COTS) and Commercial Resupply Systems (CRS) programs, Vivace was selected to run all systems engineering and to control the interfaces between the commercial partner and NASA. We’re proud to have been a part of this ground-breaking program, which is still flying successfully today.

Engineering Services Check List:

  • Large Spaceflight Program Management
  • Planning, Procurement, Demand Management
  • Space System Configuration and Concept Development
  • Space System Design and Analysis Support
  • Systems Engineering/Requirements Management

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